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We had to change our entire web site at Go Daddy's convenience and at OUR expense. We have decided to let this site go once it expires. This is incredibly frustrating. In the meantime, please visit us on Facebook for more up-to-date info.... / 

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LAME "suggested" TEXT WAS PASTED HERE BY Go Daddy!- the former Lint Rollers page was fun. Go Daddy really sucks. Who has time to update every time they have a new web authoring app? Visit us on Facebook instead.

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stupid GoDaddy site builder templates "suggest" us to talk about our influences! We're being influenced to leave GoDaddy and abandon the website because of this experience. Visit us on Facebook instead

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This prefabricated suggested line of text was SO lame Ijust had to replace it while smacking my own forehead! We'll be abandoning Go Daddy and this lame site as soon as it expires. Please visit us on Facebook instead!

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